Skill Development for migrant women

Young girls and women of village Nithari in Noida get trained in beauty culture and artificial jewellery making. The resource group constitutes the members of Lioness Club, Roshni which is a socio-cultural group of women in Noida (U.P.).  The trained persons are now encouraged to take up their training further and convert it into micro-level income generation activities.

Imparting Beauty Culture training in village Nithari, Noida

Sarthak has moved to other communities from the year 2009 onwards. It  has been functional  at the following locations:

Village Nithari, Sector-31, Noida

A total of 60 women have been provided training in stitching and tailoring, 20 women in beauty culture and 15 women in artificial jewellery making.

Village Nwada Rasoolpur in Sector-62, Noida

A total of 40 women have provided training in stitching and tailoring.

Village Agahpur, Sector-41, Noida

A total of 30 women have provided training in stitching and tailoring.

helping women to learn a skill