The Bangalore Chapter



A school education enrichment programme is operating in Veeranpalya Nagwara area in Bangalore city since July 2012. The main aim of the programme has been to facilitate school retention among the children who are not able to cope with their school studies. These children belong to the migrant families who migrated from the interior areas of Gulbarga and Andhra Pradesh in search of livelihood and are now working at the construction sites near Nagwara area. The children live with their families in make shift dwellings situated close to the construction sites. During a survey he children were found, “out of school”. Through the support of a neighbourhood government school, the children were enrolled in the formal school system. However, the children faced difficulty due to the medium of teaching in Kannada, the local language. They were also found lagging much behind the other children who were comfortable in the local environment of the school. This issue required immediate attention to ensure that children continue their studies. A program involving extra coaching for school subjects was designed. The after school Coaching classes for a group of around 25 children started with an encouraging response from the children and their parents. Everyday, these children assemble at a particular place in the community and a teacher would not only help them with school subjects but would also involve them in personality development exercises. The children play, study and enjoy a nutritive snack with others. The teaching methodology has been emphasized to be playway that call for fun filled activities where children make patterns, numbers and alphabets on paper, cut them and learn mix and match. The colourful and attractive paper cut outs inspire children to build upon the basics and move towards higher degrees of difficulty. The children work in groups so that the values of group work and sharing can be inculcated among them. They all celebrate important days, festivals and occasions with much fan and fare.

The leading five star hospitality chain, ITC Hotel, Bangalore has partnered with us in this initiative. They provide snacks to the children on a regular basis. The said programme completed in six months. At the end of the program, these children were able to read and write three letter words in English and could do single and double digit number names in Maths. The children thereupon, re-entered the formal school system with a renewed energy and preparedness.