Our Team

SADRAG would have been a non entity without the present Team.
The SADRAG family comprises of :

Ms Karuna Kher, Regional Director, Bangalore office

Mrs Kher comes from the Corporate background. She worked in different streams of the Corporate world before joining the social sector. She had been instrumental in the initiation of Ugta Suraj program in Noida city. She has provided intellectual as well as material support to the organization from time to time.

Mrs Kher migrated to Bangalore with her family in 2010. With a zeal to work in the local community, she initiated programmes for improving the quality of life of local women living in urban-rural localities. She is now handling the Bangalore chapter of SADRAG.

Dr Bani Bora, Head: Planning & Strategy


Dr.Bani Bora has professional experience of working with international and national level non-governmental organizations and academic institutions since 1996. Her association in the field of social change through adult, continuing education and extension has contributed towards her expertise in planning and management of development programs, training, teaching and research.
With a  Ph.D from University of Delhi, Bani is particularly interested in gender issues and their addressal through government programmes and perspective. She has been a guest faculty at the Department of Adult, Continuing Education and Extension, University of Delhi.
Dr. Bani is an honorary Senior Fellow at the International Institute of Adult and Lifelong Education, New Delhi. She is also a visiting scholar at the University of British Columbia, Canada and visiting professor at the Julius-Maximilians-University, Wurzburg, Germany.
Dr.Bani’s research papers have been  published in journals of national and international repute. She has also authored two books on issues related to empowerment of women.

Bandana Agrawal: Consultant Projects

Bandana has been associated with CSR/Non-Profit sector since 1996. She has had high management positions in the organisations of repute. She is on executive board of many non-profit organisations. She has a wide experience in regional scenarios having worked in Delhi, Bangalore and Maharashtra. She has specifically been a Business partner and Developer in the field of e-learning/CBT.

Bandana has varied personal interests in community work, education, art & craft and theatre. She is currently mentoring the life skills education project in SADRAG.

Gaurav Bhati

Coordinator: Community Development


Gaurav is a Post-Graduate in Social Work from Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida, U.P. During the post-graduation course, he specialized in the discipline of Personnel Management. He has been  associated with many organizations in different capacities. His interests include travel and photography.

Gaurav has the main strength in managing the on ground activities and their monitoring for an impactful imprint on the community. Gaurav has been working in the area of rural community development primarily in Western U.P.

Rana Kamal


Manager:  Gender Issues

Rana Kamal  is a Post Graduate in Social Work from Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida, U.P. Her specialization has been in the area of  personnel management.  For her thesis, Rana worked in slum dwellings of Delhi to study the effectiveness of vocational training and in empowerment of women.

Rana has done extensive secondary research on issues related to women in Islam. In view of low Human Development Indicators for Muslim women, she has always wanted to work for women well being of women in Islam as they are portrayed, understood and projected in social arena.

A keen worker, Kamal is currently working in the area of Gender  and Development with a major component of violence against women and young girls. .

Mohammad Khurram


Coordinator: Education

Khurram is a young and versatile youth eager to learn and experiment in social sector. With a post graduaton degree in Social Work, Khurram has a special interest in issues and concerns of children  from underprivileged communities.

During his degree course, Khurram researched  the circumstances and social environment of street children that influence their life both negatively as well as positively.


Mukund Mayank
Mayank is a seasoned Multimedia expert who is specialised in Graphics and  Animation. Passionate for creativity and designing, Mayank is an entrepreneur in his own right. Before joining SADRAG, Mayank had  his own entrepreneurial venture and imparted training to many youth including those who came from underprivileged background and had the dreams of making it good. Mayank not only nurtured their dreams but also extended all his help to train such youth.
Mayank is currently working on  custom art motion Graphics. He is full time committed to the training of youth in  Graphics and Print Design through workshop mode. Mayank has his life built around his personal laptop that he considers as his close mate. He is a reliable friend to the youth that he closely interacts with and tranis at SADRAG. 


Pawan Kumar:


Manager Mobilisation & Networking

Pawan is a seasoned professional in the discipline of  Social Work. He did his Masters from Indira Gandhi National Open University where he specialized in the area of Community Development.

Pawan has been  working in development sector for the last 7 years in various capacities. He has been associated with Smile Foundation, Child Survival India and Chintan, Pawan has gained immense experience in community mobilisation, field methodology and ommunity based approach. His expertise lies in establishing instant connect with youth and children in the community.
Pawan is committed to facilitate access to resources in the community for their sustainability through active partnerships with various stakeholders.

Mr. Vinod Gupta

Vinod is a Graduate with a keen interest in the issues of child protection. He is currently coordinating the activities of Child Line Greater Noida and Dadri. Irrespective of day and time, Vinod is always rushing towards the field to help the child in any adverse situation. He is an honest and dedicated person who takes each case of child protection with the utmost sincerity.

Admin and Accounts:

Ms. Poonam Pathak

Poonam is a Graduate in Commerce from University of Delhi. She has over six years of experience in the field of Recruitment ,Business Development, Administration and Training in the corporate sector. She is currently looking after the administrative and HR requirements of the organisation.

Always smiling, Poonam handles each problem as a challenge for the organisation’s growth.




Divanshu is a Graduate in Commerce. He completed his graduation from Deen Dayal Upadhyay, Gorakhpur  University. He handles the day to day accounts of the organisation. His honesty reflects in the way he works with utmost precision and care. A young graduate, Diyanshu has taken his role and responsibilities very well. He is the most sought after member of the SADRAG family.

 Ravindra Dhiman

Ravindra is a qualified web designer and developer with years of experience in the field. As a freelancer, Ravindra manages several websites in the corporate sector. He maintains the website of the organization and ensures its efficient functioning. He regularly updates and highlights  important information  on the website.

 Anushree Ghosh

Anushree is a content writer on social media. She is well versed with all kinds of social media and has been in this field  for the last 6-7  years. She has been associated with some of the best known commercial brands like Happydent, Bausch+Lomb, Domino’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and Vatika Group.

Anushree has been managing social media presence for SADRAG through facebook, twitter and linked in accounts.  As a social media strategist, she conceptualizes, plans and highlights pertinent issues  that the organisation addresses through various interventions. Her  updates are informative and timely with the organisation’s work.

Child Line Greater Noida Team:
  • Mr Vinod Gupta, Coordinator, Child Line
  • Mr Mohd. Azim , Team Member
  • Mr Shyam, Team Member
  • Ms  Akhilesh , Team Member
  • Ms Reena, Team Member


Community Facilitators:
  • Ms Sudeepa Tyagi
  • Ms.Sanju Jha
  • Ms Santosh
  • Ms Pooja
  • Ms. Babita
  • Ms Neetu
  • Ms. Alka
  • Ms. Manisha
  • Mr Swaroop