Child Protection

The safety and security of innocent childhoods is the area where SADRAG has been earnestly working since the year 2010. We are a partner organisationwith The Child Line India Foundation for District Gautam Budh Nagar, U.P.Child Line is India’s first 24 hours, free, emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care & protection.It is supported by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India and operates in 133 cities/districts in 26 States and 3 Union Territories within the country. A distress call at the number 1098 by a victim  or a concerned adult  ensures immediate help by the Child Line team members. Since the service operates on definite areas, we ensure that no child in distressed or victimised in the areas of Greater Noida and Dadri in District Gautum Budh Nagar, U.P. We intervene in cases of missing and lost children, violence and exploitation, child and forced labour, physical and sexual abuse or any other situation where basic Child Rights are being violated.
Our main activities span over the following categories:
  • Rescue, rehabilitation and support to children in distress
  • Generating awareness on Child Help Line – 1098 among children, school and college students, shopkeepers and employers, housewives and family people, working population etc.
  • Creating a Child – friendly environment in the District together with the stakeholders such as District Police, Departments of Labour, Health and Education, local administration and civil society.
 SADRAG has saved around 600 children from violence and exploitation and has provided permanent home to many children and newborns found abandoned by police and civil society.

No To Child Marriage Case ID – 2258

On 30 July 2015, we received a call from the police official, Kasna, Greater Noida that they had rescued three children from. We went to the police station and met the children, Nirmal, Sonu and Vifan, all in the age group 13-14. During the conversation, the children informed that they were brought from Jharkhand for a good life by a person, Mukesh. The children were instead, given away to a restaurant owner who kept the children in a flat in  officers colony in Gama-I, Greater Noida. The food was cooked in the house  and was supplied to the owner’s restaurant in Jagat farm, Greater Noida. The children were made to wash utensils, cut vegetables, dust and clean the house. Two men used to live with the children in that house.   The children  were forced to work, were  tortured and beaten up by those men. When the work was not done, these children were given electric shock. Those men used to pull their nails and tongue when angry. The children  were not allowed to step out of the house. There were in this condition since eight months.
One day, a child managed to sneak out of the house and police got to know about them. The police arrested one of the accused who lived in that flat. Mukesh, who had brought children to Greater Noida was absconding. The Labour Department and Anti Human Trafficking Unit were informed. An FIR was lodged and the children were sent for medical  examination. The children’s bodies were found with injuries finger marks that proved that children were physically abused.
The children were sent to Govt. Open Shelter Home  in Surajpur, Greater Noida. The police was ordered by CWC to trace the children’s native homes. The parents were traced and were called to take their children with them.
The three young lives were rescued on time with an active initiative by the police and Childline team members!

Inhuman working conditions for children in the heart of Greater Noida

On 25 June 2015, during outreach  the Greater Noida Child line team members saw a few young children entering the premises of Surya Food & Agro Ltd., a factory that makes biscuits and is situated just opposite to the Collectorate, the office of  the District Magistrate . The team members observed that these children were in the age group 13-17 years. These children were seen entering the factory on a few subsequent days too. During follow up visits, talking with people around the factory revealed that these children enter the factory at 8 am and leave the premises at 8 in the night. These children worked in the factory and people around the area knew about it. During a follow up at around 8 p.m., the team members saw around 20 young boys and 5 girls leaving the factory’s premises.  revealed that Consequently, a child labour case was registered on 1098.
The Child Line Noida and Anti Human Trafficking Unit weere informed and it was decided to have the rescue operation on 9 July 2015. Meanwhile follow ups were done on a daily basis. On 9 July, all the members and police reached the venue but the district labour officials could not come. Therefore the rescue operation could not take place on that day.
On a rainy morning on 10 July, 2015, the team members reached the factory and saw around 20-25 boys and girls entering the factory premises. A joint team of Greater Noida Child Line, Surajpur police and district labour department entered the premises at around 11 am and rescued 5 boys and 3 girls.
The rescued children were brought to the district hospital and their medical examination was conducted. During an informal conversation with the children, it was discovered that these children lived in Greater Noida with their families. They worked for 12 hours a day with a half an hour long lunch break. They were either packaging the biscuits or applied cream on the biscuits.
The children’s parents worked in the same factory and wanted them to work instead of studying in school. During the medical examination, the age of the children was ascertained between 14 – 16 years.
The labour department refused to take an action against the factory owner in view of the current Child Labour Act that allows children working till the age of 14. Unmindful of the rigid working conditions, middle role and improper payments, the labour department showed no inclination to take matters further.
The children stayed in the shelter home and were later handed over to their parents.
We shared the case details and plight of children working in the district with the District magistrate so that he is aware of such happenings. The media was used to highlight the issue. The labour department was asked to provide relief and compensation to the effected children and sue the factory owner for providing insufficient working conditions to children.
This kind of case was handled in the district for the first time and we therefore look at it as an initiative in the right direction.

  Saving a Child from being Sold

Case – 14717
On 21 July 2015, the Child line Greater Noida team members got a call from the caller in Dadri that a father of the family was selling his own 8 years old son. The mother had complained in Dadri police station. The team rushed to Dadri police station and found that the parents of the child lived separately and fought very frequently. The father was a truck driver and a habitual alcoholic. The mother said that he had sold his son even once before and spread a rumor that the son was kidnapped. The child was then sold to a person in Himachal Pradesh and received Rs 20000 in return. However she traced the person and brought her son home after somehow paying Rs 10000.
The child’s father was once again trying to sell his son and the mother came to know about this intentions. The police took the father of the child under custody and was interrogated. .
The Child line team called for a legal investigation but the mother refused to go ahead with a legal case against her husband. She gave an undertaking that the child would be looked after  and there would be no problem. She restored her faith in Childline and said that she would contact the team directly incase her husband troubles her and her son.
The Child line was happy to reunite the mother with her son and returned with a commitment to follow up on them periodically.