Adobe Youth Voices

 Videos and Creatives:

Under Adobe Youth Voices programme following creatives have been produced: 

Adobe Youth Voices – 9

Adobe Youth Voices – 8


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AYV is the Adobe Foundation’s global initiative to increase creativity, and impart critical thinking, a skill that is critical to prepare young people to be able to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, confidence builders and leaders of tomorrow. It is widely known that media can harness creative skills to highlight problems prevailing in our society. The major premise of the AYV programme is that creativity, and belief in self abilities, the youth can be more meaningfully engaged in their education and would be better prepared for a fast-changing global economy.

With an introduction to technology and editing tools, young boys and girls in the age group 13 to 19 years, develop media compositions on the issues they are sensitive about. The youth are encouraged to express their ideas, perspectives and feelings through the medium of audio-visual and print media. They not only express the issues but also identify solutions as per their understanding and in the process foster critical creative skills and a passion to make a difference.

SADRAG has been an implementing partner with The American India Foundation for AIF-AYV India Year 8 and 9 Programs since 2013. A total of 60 boys and girls have benefited under this collaborative programme. The youth has not only inculcated their creative and critical thinking skills for expressing them through Digital media but they have also learnt technical skills for handling the digital equipment and conducting finer processes of composing, editing and creating audio-visual media. The training has facilitated these youth raise their self-esteem, teamwork, leadership & communication skills. These children are now prepared to take up the role of Change Agents in their respective communities whereby they would mobilize others to take collective action for redressing the issues of common concern.


Vaishali, a young girl with eyes full of dreams, lives with her parents in a small rented room in village Nithari, Noida. While her parents are engrossed in the daily survival of life, Vaishali somehow, managed to study till class X and is now teaching small children in her immediate neighborhood. Vaishali faced a lot of problems in the family who tried to restrict her movement outside the home and she ended up limiting herself to the immediate neighbourhood. Her dream for doing a Beauty Culture went into ashes but Vaishali renewed her interest in self when she attended the AYV course. She attended the workshops very diligently and expressed her feelings on women’s state in Indian society through a poetic composition, Saksham Suta. She, very confidently, recited her composition at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi at an event organised by the Ministry of Women & Child development, Govt. of India. The composition was highly appreciated by the participants. Saksham Suta also featured in Adobe CSR Show, telecast on Zee T.V.