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  • Migration from rural India: Issue of an illiterate childhood in urban India, Mala Bhandari Dowload this article (Word Doc. 110KB)

    This paper deals with the issues confronting the education of children from migrant communities in the city of Noida in Uttar Pradesh state in India.. It dwells upon the challenges faced while mainstreaming these children and the possible strategies adopted for the same. The paper argues that the issue of migrant children's education has to be a common concern among major stakeholders: Government, Community, Corporates and NGOs. This issue can not be tackled with isolated, fragmented actions of stakeholders in their independent capacity. Link:

  • Child Protection: The Grassroots Issues and Challenges, Mala Bhandari In Child Safety, Welfare and Well-being: Issues and Challenges, Ed. Sibnath Deb, Springer India 2016 Link:


  • . Dr. Mala Bhandari, Founder, SADRAG took a session on Gender Sensitisation and Women Safety at Institute of Management Studies,Noida. Around 200 students with faculty members attended the session….
  • Dr. Bhandari took a session on gender sensitization with students of Jagran Institute of Management and Mass Communication, Noida