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  • SADRAG: Providing the World of Dignity & Self-Respect to Women & Children

    Ms Karuna Kher, Regional Director, SADRAG in conversation with Sarah Bass, Your Story TV.

    Ms Karuna Kher, Regional Director, SADRAG visited the studio and shared her experiences since the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. The story of SADRAG started 6 years back with Karuna & her sociologist friend taking care of 2 kids picked up from streets who didn’t have access to schools. As it was never meant to be an easy ride, first year was a disaster for this experiment and the kids went back to streets.
    Growing on this experience, and a mission to provide a world with dignity and self-respect, focusing on women and children, SADRAG learnt from this experiment and successfully launched several programs. Taking it a step further, SADRAG expanded their impact, and began women empowerment programs. Stopping at nothing SADRAG wants to help educate: not only the child, but also their parents; to help grow the skills of the women, giving certificates upon completion of the course to empower the women; community well being to ensure adequate healthcare for the villagers to ensure a quality life for all.

    SADRAG isn’t scared to take on problems or needs in local communities where others might be scared, and has the drive to get to the root of what is actually causing the problem. Karuna brought her experience, and YourStory is pleased to give you a first-hand inside look into SADRAG and all the amazing work they are doing!

    Regional Director tells the Story of SADRAG under Startup Events India

  • To help women ensure better safety, there has been an increased attempt at seeking solution in technology. While most are mobile apps for personal phones, there is also an alarm system now that can be fitted into public buses:

    Social and Development Research and Action Group creates a A cell phone  App, Safe Noida, to keep women aware and safe by providing empowering information.

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  • Beginning of Ugta Suraj in 2007

  • Gender sensitization training conducted with RWAs

  • District Gautum Budh Nagar CMO orders for Safe Kit s for rape confirmation in government hospitals . This order was made following a series of gender sensitization trainings  conducted by us with district hospital doctors and para-medical staff.