Violence against women & Safe city

Violence against Women and Safe City

We undertook a Thematic Convergence Project to address issues of violence against women and young girls. Launched in District Gautum  Budh Nagar, U.P. in March 2014, the project was undertaken  in partnership with National Mission for Empowerment of Women, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India.

Project Launch Event at The Great India Place, Noida

The project aimed at creating a safe and sensitized environment for women and young girls through a Multi stakeholder approach that comprised raising awareness in the community, identifying unsafe zones in the district, sensitizing the stakeholders and providing a technology based solution. Based on  Convergent Model at district level, the project strived to:

  • Facilitate an enabling environment for the women to feel safe and secured in the district
  • Increase awareness on rights, entitlements and protective legislation for women
  • Raise gender – critical indicators – CSR, Sex Ratio and female work participation rate
  • Reduce incidence of crime/violence against women


The Project Output:

  • The Youth Mobilisation:

As a preventive and environment building strategy, a total of 2500 youth were mobilized through the semi-formal meetings held in the form of Nari ki Chaupals. These were held in schools, colleges and the community.

Interaction with College Youth

Interaction with Adolescent Youth in School

The Walkathon was  taken for a direct interaction with the youth. The students of a local media college organised the Walkathon  through mobilisation of college and community youth.

Walkathon: A Initiative by local Youth

The  online technology  was effectively used in the form of social media  to mobilise youth and civil society on the issue of violence against women and young girls. Around  1500 youth associated with the campaign on violence against women through Facebook and Twitter and participated in discussions on related issues.

  • Sensitisation of Stakeholders:

For a sensitive handling of cases on violence against women, its important to sensitise the stakeholders directly and indirectly involved in the process of complaint redressal and follow up mechanism with the survivors of abuse and violence. A total of 560 government officials including police, teachers, principles, Judges, Lawyers, RWA members and Health care providers were sensitized on the addressal mechanism.

The doctors and para-medical staff of district government  and ESI  hospital were trained in standard operating procedures and use of Safe Kit to ascertain the occurrence of sexual abuse.

Gender Sensitisation Training with Medical Practitioners

The district police officials were provided training on How to address a complainant and the process to follow in case of violence against women cases.


Gender Sensitisation Training for District Police Officials

A total of  250 Corporate employees across 5 district based MNCs were trained in The  Sexual Harassment at Work Place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.  They were informed about the mandatory requirement of establishing Internal Complaint Committees to address the complaints, if any.


  • Safety Audit:

The safety audit of



  • Technology Solution:

A district level Mobile Application, Safe Noida was conceptualized as an information tool with essential information on police station details, hospitals, protective laws for women, safety tips, Help lines etc.

Release of Safe Noida Mobile Application


Tangible Outcomes of the Project

Some of the key outcomes of the project have been summed up as following:

  • Basic Frame work for gender budgeting:

A basic framework for gender budgeting at district level has been created following discussion with the District Magistrate and other government officials. It needs to be however, taken up from there.

  • Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines:

The Standard guidelines for stakeholders such as police, Judiciary, school authorities and hospitals, have been formulated on how to address the issue of violence against women and young girls. These Guidelines have been converted into Standard size Posters and are put up in schools, police stations, District Court and RWAs offices. The Handouts have been created and distributed among all, including the colleges.

  • Adoption of SAFE KIT in hospitals:

The BR. Ambedkar District Super Specialty Hospital, Noida which is the only District government hospital has adopted SAFE KIT to ascertain the occurrence of sexual assault in survivor. The doctors are not using the Two Finger Test anymore.

  • Identification of violence prone areas:

Through extensive Safety Audit exercises in Noida and Greater Noida areas, violence prone areas and locations have been identified and would be shared with the police, district administration and civic authorities.

  • An Aware and Informed Online community:

Through the online campaign on social media on violence against women and Safe Noida mobile Application, a sizeable virtual community of youth and adults has been created and it is bound to grow with an active forum to express their views and perspectives on issues of violence against women and their safety.

  •  Safe Noida Mobile Application:

This is district focused, information based Mobile App. It is the storehouse of information for women about their rights, legislation and personal safety measures. It provides an open platform for women to share their thoughts and perception. The App can be downloaded for free from Google Play on Android phone and I-phone.

  • Safe Noida Booklet

A standard resource booklet that provides information on laws made for women, procedure of FIR, HelpLine running in district, personal  safety tips , contact details and area coverage of all the police stations in the district including Mahila Thana, which is these only for women.