Ugta Suraj

Ensuring a Literate Childhood in Noida & Greater Noida(U.P.)

Ugta Suraj is a program to mainstream “out of school” children in the formal school system. The program has been operational in Noida since August 2007. With firm roots in community, Ugta Suraj operates through a Network of Learning and Support Centres (LSCs) for ‘out of school’ children who are working / non-working, migrant / street and constitute the category of potential child workers in their present capacity. These children are either school drop-outs or are the first generation learners who have been deprived of formal schooling due to family or the systemic reasons.

Ugta Suraj is essentially meant for children in the age group 6 to 14 years. It basically acts as a bridge between the formal school system and the community. It motivates and prepares the children for formal school and helps them get admission in government and charitable schools.Thereupon, it maintains a close touch with the children and helps them with their academic curriculum and assimilation in the school environment. This monitoring extends for the period of one year and all efforts are made to see that children do not drop out of school.

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