Community Development

Dasna Project
Saunda Project

Community Development:

To covert the Corporate Vision of community well being into a vibrating reality, we undertake corporate programmes under the mandate of their Corporate Social Responsibility.  Our expertise is along the lines of following areas:

  • Need Assessment of the community through Surveys in rural/urban communities to find the gaps and unresolved needs of the people.
  • Conceptualization and Planning of the programme with  community  engagement
  • Implementation at the community level – Execute the plan and appropriate programmes in the realization of broader aims and objectives
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the programme within the Matrix of the expected output and outcomes
  • Report writing and presentations with due documentation and Case studies.

Community Development projects:

We are engaged in a community development program, Life Plus – Vikas Ki Pehal in partnership with Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Private Ltd. The program is operational in 4 rural communities situated in Block Dasna, District Hapur in the state of Uttar Pradesh.  The main aim of the program is to improve the quality of life of people in neighbourhood villages of Kakrana, Galand, Dinanath Poothi and Nandpur. The programme was launched in March 2010 and continues to grow every year.

With the Broad Vision of the Programme to create self sustaining communities with improved quality of life, the programme has 4 major components:

  1. Economic Empowerment:
    This component works on capacity building of people through training in a marketable skill-set to earn livelihood. It encourages self-employment through entrepreneurship and knowledge in credit facilities and asset building.
  2. Sustainable Development:
    This component works to create a safe and healthy environment to live in. It focuses on quality medical care, environmental cleanliness, sanitation and safe drinking water.
  3. Social Empowerment:
    This component works to make the local communities socially empowered through focus on health, school education and sharing of knowledge and information. It is based on the tenet that an aware and informed community is well equipped to access its dues and entitlements.
  4. Self Governance:
    This component focuses on people’s participation in management and handling of community resources and assets. It emphasizes the role of local government institutions such as Gram Panchayat and Gram Sabha in well-being of the community.